laproscopic treatment

The Division of General Surgery is dedicated to performing surgical procedures using minimal access techniques whenever possible, so that patients may enjoy faster recovery and
fewer post-surgical complications. Minimal access surgery is completed with one or more small incisions instead of a large incision.

The surgeon passes a telescope with video camera through a small incision into a body cavity. The surgeon then views the surgery on a TV monitor. Surgical instruments are then passed through other similar little incisions.

The surgeon examines and operates on the area in question by viewing magnified images on a television. When the telescope is used to operate on the abdomen, the procedure is called
laparoscopy. When used in the chest, the procedure is called thoracoscopy, and when used in a joint, it is called arthroscopy. The laparoscope, a fibre-optic telescope, is inserted throughone port and attached to a camera. It sends images from the abdominal cavity to television monitors placed for easy viewing by all the operating room personnel. Thus, the surgeon and
his or her assistants can view the abdominal cavity and its contents. Through the remaining ports, long-handled instruments are used to perform various procedures.

Minimal Access Surgery offers several benefits

  • Less Pain.
  • Quick recovery.
  • Better cosmoses.
  • Shorter hospital stay.
  • Fewer complications.
  • Better Clinical Outcome.
  • Early return to work.
  • Early return to normal activity.

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