Giving you the best possible healthcare is very important for us. Here a few options we offer to check for any potential problems in your chest area:

  • Cardiologist Consultation- Saveera Hospital offers you the chance to get yourself checked up by one of our leading heart doctors. Our consultation will definitely tell you if there are any problems you need to worry about.
  • Nutritionist Consultation- Eating right is very important for every human being to maintain proper nutrition in the body. Our nutrition consultation will ensure you know the right food to eat.
  • Physician Consultation- Staying healthy also includes regular check-ups by our physicians who will let you know if everything is good for you, health-wise.
  • Basic Eye Examination
  • CBC- A complete blood count (CBC) check is a basic parameter to make sure your body is healthy.
  • CRP
  • Urine ROUTINE
  • Lipid Profile, FBS/PPBS, S.Creatinine- All these tests are important to check the levels of cholesterol, proteins and others in your blood.
  • ECG- An electrocardiogram (ECG) test checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart. It is a very reliable test that immediately tells you if something is wrong with your heart.
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Carotid Doppler Study- This test checks the arteries to see if there are any blocks or if the blood is able to flow smoothly.
  • 2D-Echo with Colour Doppler- Saveera Hopsital also performs a Doppler echocardiogram test on you if required. This test measures the speed and direction of the blood flow within the heart.

Cardiac Health Check Up

  • Cardiology Consultation.
  • Lipid Profile
  • ECG
  • FBS
  • PPBS
  • S.Creatinine
  • TMT(Treadmill Test)
  • HCV , HBV, RV (for Angiogram)
  • C.T.Angiogram / Angiogram
  • 2D-Echo with Colour Doppler

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