Department of Radiology

  • CT Scan 128 slice Computer Tomography system for whole body & 3D virtual scopy reconstruction; cardiac application with CT angiography
  • MRI 1.5 Tesla with 16 channel whole body application with 3D Image
  • X- Ray, computer radiography system with three tray online printer.
  • Affinity 70 ultrasound system having pure wave technology and tissue specific presets


  • MRI
  • X-RAY

Diagnosis of treatment


  • The advanced 1.5 Tesla with 16 channels gives excellent resolution images with very minute interpretation. In 1.5T MRI we can do all types of extra and intra cranial angiograms and intra cranial venograms.
  • With hyper resolution we can do all musculoskeletal joint scans with custom SAR ranges for patient safety. We get excellent gadolinium contrast enhanced studies with high quality fat saturation to suppress body fat without any flow artifacts. It also gives excellent gado spectroscopy interpretations for neo plastic and benign lesions in brain scans and also it gives CSF flow studies interpretations and diffusion studies in acute brain stroke attacks.
  • We can get high quality non invasive angiograms. It gives excellent resolution by using user friendly elemental openings of 16 channels according to requirement.
  • High quality MRI abdominal scans with torso coil receiving technology with appropriate scan timing protocols. It gives excellent MRCP quality with 3D and single shot sequential images with abdominal diffusion scans like in phase and out phase. It also gives a tremendous voxel and pixel rated images with 1050 pixel rated images.
  • 1.5 T MRI gives superb ECG gated and PPU with respiratory controlling facilities. An advanced ISP work station system gives an excellent 3D volume imaging on 3D sequences for disease interpretation. It gives excellent whole spine imaging with advanced mob view soft ware options.


  • Philips affinity provides high resolution sono imaging with deep penetration. We can do advanced foetal scans like Tiffa with advance probe technology .Affinity gives high resolution flow imaging with color to detect perforations and flow velocities and also we can differentiate plaques and thrombosis sites in the vessels like DVT (deep vein thrombosis).
  • Affinity provides good radio opaque shadow differentiation for renal pathologies like renal calculus. Affinity also provides good detection of renal flows studies to differentiate renal vessel stenosis. We can do advanced elastography studies in abdominal scans. We can able to do 4D scans for foetal well beings and also able to do foetal Doppler for any congenital anomalies in foetal body like heart spine.
  • Affinity gives good guidance for doing guided procedures like renal biopsies and other guided procedures like fluid tapping and fluid aspirations for further pathological studies .Affinity is having advanced probes to do scans for heart and vascular and abdominal and joints.


  • Allengers 300 MA machine gives excellent x ray imaging. It gives more patient safety oriented machine which avoids scatter radiation to very less. With this machine we can conduct all radiation procedures like IVP, barium procedures and dynamic procedures like RGU, MCU, Fistulogram , myelogram and HSG gyenic procedure. It gives excellent grid filtered images with low appropriate auto dose adjusting technology for taking abdomen and skull and spine x-ray imagings.
  • Kodak digital screen cassettes provides good resolution x ray capturing quality .Kodak CR system extracts good images from digital cassettes with in less span of time.
    High quality filming from Kodak dry view 6950 Laser imaging camera which interim provides 650 mega pixel X-ray image on the film which an high quality image in less time. Kodak dry view laser printing camera is having advanced fully automated image quality software. Kodak CR soft ware is very advanced that we can able to transfer digital images to all work stations of the hospital along with digital CD recordings. CR system takes patient case x-ray load for more number of patients in less time.

Our doctors

Dr. A. Venkata Kalyan Kumar

MBBS, M.D (Radiodiagnosis)


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